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 Grab Bar Installation

 Grab Bar Installation

Grab bar installation is one way to ensure safety, accessibility, and ease of movement throughout the home  for patients of Managed Long Term Care. This simple home modification makes entering and exiting the bath tub, shower and other areas of the home a much easier and safer process for those who may have limited mobility due to age, injury,  or other health reasons. 

Home Clean Home has the tools and expertise to perform grab bar placement anywhere in the home at our client’s request.

MLTC Services

The Home Clean Home grab bar specialists can professionally install a grab bar for the bed, tub grab bar, or grab bars wherever they may be needed. Grab bar installation for the toilet, and grab bar installation in the shower make having access to the bathroom much safer, and having grab bar installation done in the bedroom can make getting in and out of bed easier by providing more support to the person while sitting or standing, the same goes for anywhere that requires such movement. 

Our Services

MLTC Agencies

Many of the Home Clean Home grab bar installation clients work with MLTC agencies, or Medicare when receiving our services, but we are able to cater to anybody who needs assistanc with DME Installation. We are experienced serving MLTC households in the New York and New Jersey area, performing DME Installation Services for stair chair lift, access ramp, and bed rails, as well as heavy duty cleaning services.


Personalized Services

This experience makes us one of the best grab bar installation companies in NYC, because we know what it takes to offer a well-rounded and personalized service for all of our clients’ needs. Grab bar installation keeps people safe at home by protecting them from falls when sitting or standing up, and Home Clean Home provides some of the most efficient grab bar installation services available.


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