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Hoarding & Clutter Cleaning

Hoarding and Cleaning Crew

Depending on your insurance plan, the Home Clean Home Hoarding and Cleaning Crew may be Medicare state covered. This means that getting help for hoarders is that much easier under your insurance provider. Managed long term care agencies, medicaid, medicare, and other insurance programs that offer such assistance to their clients will usually cover part of or all of our hoarding cleanup help services if it is necessary for the improved health of their clients. Having the Home Clean Home hoarding and cleaning crew medicare state covered services means reliable service for you or your loved ones, without the stress of paying out of pocket.

Our Services

Medicare State Covered

Managed long term care agencies should be prepared to have some sort of hoarding cleanup coverage, as many MLTC recipients are not able bodied enough to perform heavy lifting or more demanding cleaning tasks on their own. This can cause a buildup of clutter over time, which may result in hoarding. Whenever the Home Clean Home hoarding and cleanup crew works with MLTC or Medicaid recipients, we always take the time to get to know their particular health and medical needs before performing a hoarding cleanup service, to ensure we are giving them the best possible experience.


Our Medicare state covered hoarding cleanup services are thorough, yet flexible enough to come up with a unique solution no matter what our client’s needs. We always work directly with the client to develop a plan that he or she is satisfied with, and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the home back in a safe, clean, and healthy condition. With over two decades of experience, there is no medicare state covered hoarding and cleaning crew than the one at Home Clean Home. 

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