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#1 Rated Cleaning Service

Managed Long-Term Care Cleaning and Chore Services (MLTC)

MLTC Services

Home Clean Home Inc., along with its sister company Bed Bug 911® Corp., are leading commercial & residential maintenance businesses in The Greater New York City Area. We specialize in providing chore services to Managed Long Term Care providers (MLTC) and Managed Short Term Care providers (MSTC). Both companies are licensed, insured, uniformed, bonded and are WBE Certified for New York City and The State of New York.

Our goal is to cater to the specific needs of each MLTC provider's needs and make the partnership as seamless as possible. We are able to solve a wide range ofcomplex issues by implementing a strategic approach that focuses on superior customer service, reliability, and overall quality of work. Our unparalleled experience is among the main reasons why long term care agencies choose Home Clean home and Bed Bug 911. We are familiar with applicable billing codes making payment from Medicare & Medicaid efficient. We are also well practiced in providing chore services and cleaning to a wide array of customers, including those in unique living situations and even the most challenging members.

Testimonial to our quality of work and commitment to excellent service is made by the distinguished list of contracts with Managed Long & Short Term Care insurance providers we have in place. As our customers continue to grow and expand, we are growing our workforce to ensure that each provider can provide efficient, quality service to all of their members. From a single employee in 1993, our workforce now exceeds 150 employees and counting. Our motto, "No mess we haven't seen", embodies our desire to overcome all challenges and exceed all expectations.

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