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WBE Certified Woman Owned Business Cleaning Service


Hiring a WBE certified woman owned business cleaning service for all of your cleaning contracts can be quite beneficial for your business. Our expert cleaning services are not the only reason Home Clean Home should be your first choice! As a WBE certified woman owned business in New York, the cleaning services may open the window of opportunity for any business that contracts us.


As a WBE certified woman owned business in NYC, Home Clean Home™ provides a variety of comprehensive services that offer flexible solutions to meet anyone’s needs.  Our company was founded in 1993 by CEO Nicole Levine, and have since become recognized as a WBE certified woman owned business in New York. Since attaining this status, we have offered our services on many long jobs with both the city and the state, and have always exceeded expectations.  We offer a variety of commercial cleaning and building maintenance services, and are always open to the opportunity for both prime and sub contracts. 


With over 24 years of experience, enable us to solve a wide range of complex issues with customized strategies to meet the job's needs. Home Clean Home™ is one of the best WBE certified woman owned businesses in NYC to rely on when you need reliable and efficient cleaning services. There is nothing we haven’t seen, and our team is always prepared with a solution. We work in conjunction with our sister company, BedBug911™, to provide extermination services whenever necessary.


Janitorial Cleaning:


Our Janitorial Cleaning services are perfect for companies looking for regular commercial cleaning and building maintenence. Whether you’re looking to replace your regular janitorial cleaning staff during an emergency, or simply need a hand keeping the office in shape, the Home Clean Home Janitorial Cleaning Services can help!


WBE Building Maintenance Services in NYC:


Having access to WBE building maintenance services in NYC is essential. Showing your commitment to diversity in growing businesses, while keeping your own business a safe and orderly environment is a powerful combination! We’re all neighbors here, and New York has always had a highly valued sense of community. The Home Clean Home WBE Building Maintenance Services are some of the best in NYC.

Commercial Cleaning Services:

Our commercial cleaning services are a one stop shop for any business’s needs. The Home Clean Home Commercial Cleaning Services go far beyond sweeping up and taking out the trash. We will clean every inch of your workplace until it looks brand new, and we are always flexible - we perform our commercial cleaning services around the clock, on your schedule, so we can keep your business running smoothly 24/7.


Services and Commodity Codes:

  • Janitorial Services (NAICS: 561720)

  • Rubbish Removal (NAICS: 562111)

  • Disaster Recovery Assistance (NAICS: 624230)

  • Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing (NAICS: s214/561740)

  • House Keeping - Custodial/Janitorial (NAICS: s201)

  • Pre/Post Construction Cleaning (NAICS: 238990)

  • Office and Building Maintenance (NAICS: 236118/236220)

  • Remediation Services (NAICS: 562910)

  • House Keeping - Laundry/Dry Cleaning (NAICS: s209)

  • House Keeping - Other (NAICS: s299)

  • Exterminating and Pest Control Services (NAICS: 561710)

Non-Coded Services:

  • Green Steam Cleaning

  • Floor Stripping and Waxing

  • Mold Mitigation/Remediation

  • Natural extermination/product manufacturing/wholesale

  • Heavy Duty/Hoarders Cleaning

  • Fire and Flood Restoration

  • Green cleaning/product manufacturing/wholesale

  • Window Washing

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