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Diogenes Sufferers

Patients with Diogenes Syndrome often react to stress by holding it in until it begins to manifest itself outwardly. Similarly, their hoarding situation includes keeping items in their house that most people would toss to trash, and allow it to accumulate over the years. This form of hoarding is sometimes one of the most severest cases and hardest to treat for various reasons.

Often times, patients with Diogenes Syndrome develop a deep distrust for others, and sometimes causes them to be completely isolated and self-neglected. There is an absence of skills needed for decision making as well as an overall sense of purpose which causes them to accumulate trash. These people have a tendency of being highly intelligent and in many cases, are middle aged.

Hoarding trash and lack of organizational skills turns the homes of Diogenes Sufferers into an ocean of junk causing the house to seem deteriorating.  No organization is made whatsoever.

Our Services

Isolation and total disassociation makes those with Diogenes Syndrome prone to a mental breakdown. By clearing your home, you clear your mind, and therefore, tackle the underlying problem. In order to help treat people who are Diogenes Sufferers, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge, patience, care, and time. We have developed a special method and approach towards dealing with patients with this condition. Since their situation is so delicate, we take special cautions and measures needed to treat the home of this type of hoarder.

Before any of the cleaning is done, it is crucial that our team first earns the trust of our client. This is sometimes one of the most challenging part of the case since the natural state of distrust and skepticism that clients with this condition suffer from.

Rather than smothering Diogenes patients with facts, statistics, and logic, our initial step is to warm up to these individuals so that we can take small steps towards progress.

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