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Hiding Hoarders

Hiding hoarders are quite different then other types of hoarders as they have an abundance of items that they tend to store in random places, or rather, hide their things rather than organizing them into the places where they belong. Some may feel that putting their belongings in random places scattered throughout the house will give them a sense of security knowing that their items are in private places. Those with this condition may also exhibit other forms of hoarding conditions, such as food hoarding for example. For instance, a food hoarder may place their food in hidden places that are in unusual places that others would not normally find in fear that it will be there in the event of there being a shortage. In other cases, some may feel embarrassed of their accumulation of belongings so they hide their belongings in random places or do a quick cleaning and hide their items rather than fully organizing them

Our Services

The thought of having people come into your home to clean and organize may sound less than desirable and even embarrassing. Our cleaning team has seen every possible type of hoarding condition, understand our clients, and do not judge them. You may feel nervous that your personal belongings may be exposed or confiscated may sound fearful but understand that there is no mess we haven't seen and we would never throw away any of your personal belongings without your permission first.

We are conscious of the needs of our clients and do not judge them. We handle these situations very delicately and work together with you throughout every step of the process, side by side. By clearing your home, you will help yourself clear your mind and therefore, you will feel more fulfilled once your home is fully organized, clean, and neat.

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